Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Pak, Lankan delegates pick up rehab tips

Delegates from Pakistan and Sri Lanka were at ICECD to learn the Disaster Management  & rehabilitation modules. ICECD with it's over 3 decades of expertise and experience has mentored this delegation towards effective disaster mitigation through self employment and employable skill training.

Monday, 8 January 2018


She dares to be different. In a man’s world she has created a niche for herself with path-breaking innovative ideas. With verve and panache she moves from strength to strength, breaking new ground with her bold initiatives.
Dr. Hina Shah, director, International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD), has been involved with entrepreneurship development work since the 80s, and her focus has been on women, especially rural and poor women.
Over the 31 years she has worked all over India and in more than 65 developing countries, trained 100,000 women to become entrepreneurs. The torch-bearer of women’s economic empowerment has been awarded a number of National/International awards to Dr. Hina Shah for her efforts and outstanding work in the field of women’s entrepreneurship development in India.
Says Dr. Shah, “When entrepreneurship is discussed it’s only the men who come to mind. So, it was very difficult for people to accept me as an entrepreneur. But I continued and came up through sheer hard work.”
Her specialization in women’s development programmes led her to the Asian, African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. She has developed a variety of training modules for poor women, educated women, and uneducated women etc. which have been successfully adopted in more than 40 countries. Besides, she has also conducted re-search on Performance Assessment of Indian Women Entrepreneurs in India and study on credit Flow and its Utilisation by Rural Women in Micro- Enterprises.
Dr. Hina Shah has also put her experience and enterprise on paper for the benefit of other women. She has written a number of books, articles and research papers. Her “Trainers Manual for Women Entrepreneurship Development’, published by ICECD, gives step by step instructions for conducting 144 sessions covering all inputs for women entrepreneurship development training programmes, backed by reference paper. This is being translated into four languages. A ‘Handbook for Women Entrepreneurs’ was published by Technonet Asia, Singapore and Foundation for Asian Management Development, Japan.

To reach out the large number of population, Dr. Shah has written a book “If I Can, You Can! Be an entrepreneur”. This book published by Partridge Publications, is a guide to motivate women to develop the skills and behavioral competencies for becoming an entrepreneur. The book, the first of its kind, is written in a conversational form and encapsulates the inputs regarding various aspects of entrepreneurship like product selection, business plan preparation. 
  The book is available on Amazon
Dr. Hina Shah continues in her efforts to empower women to be independent. Her belief: “When women become entrepreneurs the whole family becomes entrepreneurial.”

Thursday, 4 January 2018

A candid chat with Dr. Hina Shah, the TITAN -be more Legend

Dr. Hina Shah can dance, paint, play tennis, play mother and play godmother to over a million under-privileged women without losing energy or enthusiasm. The founder of International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (ICECD) that helps women to stand on their feet, our search for the ultimate Be More Legend ended at her. Meet her in a conversation with team Titan, a TATA group Company.
There are so many social issues that plague India. Why did you choose to help the women?
Earlier, most women development activities were welfare oriented, where women were just considered acceptors. They were not active participants in the process, which left them extremely vulnerable when help was suddenly plugged out. Therefore, I started my first programme called Entrepreneurship Development Programme for women’ in 1980, which aimed at improving the self-sustainability of women. This programme was instrumental in women being recognized as economic contributors and entrepreneurs.
Changing the definition of the word ‘help’ in people’s minds has been quite a daunting task. Also, convincing people that only ‘giving’ or ‘providing’ wouldn’t necessarily translate into helping someone.
When you started, what was the response?
In the first batch, I had 25 women from Gujarat, out of which 16 women established their non-traditional businesses. After thirty years, I’ m proud to tell you that all 16 women are still in business. And, more than a million women across developing countries are on their own feet turned into successful entrepreneurs.
You started your programme in 1980, a time when India was not so progressive. Did you face any opposition, either from your family or society?
Of course, I did face a few roadblocks. Back then, society (be it parents, husband, in-laws, relatives, neighbours, or even banks) were not very receptive to a woman being independent. When I decided to become an entrepreneur in 1976, I was refused a loan for putting up my factory. All this, because the bank manager was “doubtful of my capacity to repay the loan” as I had just had my first baby. However, I was determined and gradually converted these difficulties into opportunities. I always felt that if the wind blows hard, why construct a wall… I would rather a build a windmill. I started my business of plastic packaging while I successfully continued to juggle between being a responsible mother, wife and daughter. In due course, not only did society accept me for the woman I am, but it also applauded my achievements!
You were lauded by the highest office on the country. How did if feel when you received the “Stree Shakti Puraskar’ from the president of India, Pratibha Patil?
It was a rewarding experience. As well as an immensely satisfying affair because it happened on the International Women’s Day. And, receiving it from the first woman President of India and Commander-in-chief of the fourth most organised army in the world made it is truly special. She cheered my contribution and appealed to the women of India to take inspiration and stand up for themselves. Yes, that was a moment to cherish.
Would you count this as your biggest achievement to date?
Not by a long shot. My biggest achievement has been grooming both my daughter into individuals with rock solid integrity. Teaching them to stand tall in times of challenge and controversy. Yet, come across as fine human beings.
You are also a well known classical dancer and an extremely successful artist. How did you get interested in dancing?
My interest in dance first took shape when I saw Kamala Laxmi perform Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi on stage. I was only four years old then. The stage, the lights, and the dance were all magical. So I went on to learn classical dance at Ravindra Parishad. My school would begin at 7 am, so I would wake up at 5 and rehearse for an hour. Later, I won numerous awards and recognition nationally.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Satyameva Jayate International School associates with Middlesex University Dubai for International Schools Partnership Programme.

Satyameva Jayate International School associates with Middlesex University Dubai for International Schools Partnership Programme. Middlesex University Dubai is the first overseas campus of the internationally renowned Middlesex University in London. The Dubai Campus, opened in January 2005, has over 2,800 students from more than hundred nationalities. It offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in a wide variety of subject areas. As part of this association,
SJIS Students will be engaged with Middlesex University Dubai in advance of making their ongoing educational choices, There will be taster sessions, guest lectures, introduction sessions and virtual campus tours, There will be Competitions alongside a tailored programme of activities to support key decision making, SJIS Students will be included in the direct application process, for which, a portal is specifically designed for SJIS students, Prospective students will receive an Academic Excellence Scholarship based on academic merit.

Intellectual rigor in academics
Our Global partnership with Middlesex University, Dubai truly makes for a learning, teaching and research environment that is unique for bringing together diverse academic viewpoints, best practices, guest faculty for students and parents, constantly evolving curriculum and opportunities to visit partner campuses abroad (Dubai). With present agreement Partner school will liaise with the Middlesex University Dubai, will organize visits to Middlesex University Dubai on a mutually agreed date and time. Academic Excellence Scholarship available to the deserving candidates.

Entrepreneurship focus
At Satyameva Jayate International School, ENTREPRENEURSHIP is not a subject; it is at the center of our approach to everything. It is integrated in our curriculum from Std 1 to 10. You can incubate your ‘Big Idea’ right on campus at Satyameva Jayate International School. Tap into a start up mentoring and support industry network through the ICECD contact. Receive seed funding and mentoring for outstanding projects right on campus. Plus an opportunity to spend two weeks at actually running of Business in school premises to hone your start up skills.

Life Skills
In industry, career and business, it is the soft skills that come to the fore and are a major factor in ensuring your success. At ICECD our emphasis is to make our students/ participants life and career ready with strong emphasis on communication, team work and critical thinking. This aspect is integrated in a structured manner throughout every program at ICECD and Satyameva Jayate.

Industry Exposure
Theoretical knowledge needs to be always paired with the right industry exposure to create professionals who are job ready on day one. Our students/ participants get varied and rich exposure to the practical aspect of things through projects, internships, conferences and engagement platforms – through the great existing network